Art Therapy Barcelona

Exploring Creativity, Art and Psychology 22.5 CE Credits

Exploring Creativity, Art and Psychology: Barcelona Art Therapy

December 9-15, 2018 


Barcelona, Spain 22.5 CE Credits

Making the most of the culture and backdrop of artisitically exquisite Barcelona, participants are exposed to experiential workshops, talks and daily art therapy seminars in an intensive format of morning to afternoons. Afternoons bring us out into the fantastic city of Barcelona with extraordinary excursions and experiential field trips. (see below intinerary)

"Art is where adults play" ― D.W. Winnicott, Playing and Reality  

“Play and Reality” is the title of an influential book in the art therapy profession wich gives name to our teaching orientation.  

Winnicott sees play as part of the process of individuation. Winnicott saw unstructured playing as creative and therapeutic; In common with Foucault, Winnicott claimed that modernity made possible the individual (Foucault, 1995) – alienated from identification with community and nature.  

Creativity is embodied in ‘healthy looking’ and ‘deliberate doing’ – active engagement rather than passive participation in life.  

Thus Winnicott said that ‘the creative impulse’, is it at the heart of healthy life.  

Like with children, play/art is an outstanding way to learn about reality. Mind Body Passport's art therapy course enhances processes in the individual to help them achieve a better understanding of ourselves and our context.  

Participants use their own art making practice as a basis to integrate theoretical concepts extracted from psychology and art therapy theory, in this way enabling a deeper awareness around our creative process.  

Barcelona’s intensive cultural life with its many museums, exhibitions, theater plays, concerts, etc. offer our participants an excellent background of contemporary art to make our learning experience complete.


In what is known as ‘experiential learning’, our philosophy is to immerse participnants and have you learn to 'swim by diving into the pool'. Theory comes during and after a contact with reality to help make the experience much more meaningful. Our philosophy is that while participants are experiecing, learning theory comes more naturally and is a more comprehensive holistic approach.

Our art therapy foundation course is presented through engaging and exciting experiential and tutorial dynamic groups and workshops.

Diversity and exchange  

The setting and ambience of our art therapy course engages participants in many different cultures and backgrounds all coming together in a quite unique and creative atmosphere where participants and resident artists and art therapists, psychologists, psychoanalysts and others exchange experiences and knowledge.  

The variety of professional backgrounds in the multicultural community of teachers and participants also adds to the richness of the learning experience in our courses.  

Theoretical Orientation  

In our art therapy course we use the theoretical foundations of art therapy in practice in many different venues, populations and modalities today. We will immerse in art therapy theory, contemporary art theory, psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy, group analysis and mentalisation. We use as well contemporary art theory, process work theory and other theoretical approaches that could be applied to a better understanding of the art making process and the resulting artifacts.  

Our unique venue

Our dynamic art therapy course will be held in an old charismatic factory complex which houses a prestigous art therapy institute, where the art therapy department has custom designed a course with Mind Body Passport specifically for our small group.  

The space is an important marker for the experience of all our participants. As part of Barcelona’s disappearing history of old factories, the space charms any artist with its leftovers of many decades of industrial reality, where 20 years of theatre and art have left their marks in all thinkable ways.

Outdoor spaces and relaxed atmosphere  

The courtyards are among the spaces preferred by participants because of their plants and lovely warm mediterranean atmosphere.  

Our space has three ample courtyard areas: The small courtyard with a green-house space for project work, the large courtyard with the turtle pond and several seating arrangements, the back entrance with its lovely atmosphere of a forgotten Barcelona. 

Process work  

Rather than focusing exclusively on the art work as an end-result, the core of the course is to include the exploration of the art making process itself.  

To support this task, the course provides process theory classes, discussion groups, tutorials and presentations.  

Check out the below video to see where we will be holding our amazing art therapy workshop/seminar!

Who is this course for?

People who wish to gain some knowledge and experience of art therapy for their own personal or professional development, e.g. people who may already be employed in occupations which involve the use of art activities as a means of self-expression, such as youth and community workers, arts and health workers, counsellors and psychotherapists, mental health workers, nurses or teachers. Artists who want to develop their own creative potential through an interest in art therapy are also encouraged to attend.

How will I learn? 

The course is structured to create balance between theoretical and experiential learning, enabling you to make links between theory, practice and the philosophy of art therapy. Afternoons and evenings are reserved for exploring the myriad of artictic expressions in Barcelona, through art, architecture and exciting excursions.

Experiential workshops  

Experiential workshops provide you with a chance to explore the use of a range of different art materials and their various qualities. There will be opportunities, in small groups, in pairs and individually, to discover, express and communicate experiences and feelings. Some exercises will be themed, others less so. 

Seminars, lectures and presentation workshops  

 You will have the opportunity to hear from experienced practitioners working in a variety of health care and educational settings. You are encouraged to participate fully in seminar and group discussions.

Instructors and seminar/lectures  

Carles Ramos (art psychotherapist, MA London Univ. Director of the art therapy unit in Metafora and head of the MA in art psychotherapy) 

Pilar Cruz art historian, curator and coordinator of the art therapy unit  

Dr Sally Schofield will be in charge of the theory of art therapy talks (she is an art therapist from Barcelona Univ. working with Parkinson, She is a teacher of methodology and art therapy theory at our MA in art therapy, She is ex-president and member of board the Spanish Association of Art Therapists)

Petra Kowalski with the role play sessions (she train as well in Barcelona Univ. She is a teacher and group conductor of the MA in art therapy. She is currently working as an art therapist with the elderly) Blanca Haddad runing the art therapy training group (train in art therapy at Barcelona Univ and MA in social projects by Glasgow university. Teacher of the MA in art therapy and working in private practice) Each one of us will present a case study  

CE Credits Mind Body Passport is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Mind Body Passport maintains responsibility for this program and its content.  

Mind Body Passport Inc. is also recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider. Certificate awarded upon successful completion.  

CE credits not given for excursions, outside activities 

What you will gain by attending: •Demonstrate an understanding of artistic expression in a therapeutic context and perspective, through clinical cases.  

•Analyze and apply a number of art therapy approaches and methods of working with artistic expression in psychotherapy. 

• How to apply the technique of art therapy and analyse how we "listen" to the art and dimensions of the artistic process.

 • Discuss how we structure a therapeutic session incorporating art material so it has meaning to the client and therapeutic process.  

• How to utilize artistic expression and art therapy concepts in psychotherapy.

•Develop treatment plans incorporating art therapy theory through case material.  


Day 1, Dec. 9 Sunday Arrivals; exploring Barcelona. General meet and welcome, basic professional introductions and overview, review goals for the overall program, look at schedule. 7:30 p.m. Group welcome dinner. Authentic Catalon Tapas (Included).  

Day 2, Dec. 10 Monday 7 a.m. Breakfast (included). 9:00 a.m. Welcome, introductions and information at our art therapy institute. 10 a.m. lecture/seminar (morning coffee/snack included) 1:30 Group lunch (included) 4 p.m. Visit to Sagrada Familia with tour (included)

Evening free  

Day 3, Dec. 11 Tuesday 7 a.m. Breakfast (included). 9 a.m. lecture/seminar (morning coffee/snack included) 1:30 Lunch 2:30- 8:30 p.m. Art, architecture photo tour Barcelona (included)

Afternoon/Night Photography Tour The 6 hour Afternoon/Night photo tour covers the most photogenic periods to shoot, from the sun’s low-angle, golden hour & sunset, to the blue hour, then finally ambient and street lighting at night. The tour is designed for photo, art and architecture enthusiasts who are just beginning to learn how to master their cameras, and for keen amateurs who want to learn about experimenting in the exciting world of night photography.

The tour entails a professional photographer giving tips and advice on the equipment needed, camera settings and discussions on how to create interesting images, while being escorted to Barcelona's most stunning locations! 

During the tour we will discuss which images stand out and why, and how they were created. This is a very pleasant tour, which will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of night photography while visiting the city in the cooler temperatures.

Express your own artisic creativity. We are confident that this tour may very well be the highlight of your trip! 


Day 4, Dec. 12 Wednesday 7 a.m. Breakfast (included). 9 a.m. lecture/seminar (morning coffee/snack included) 1:30 p.m Lunch on the go (sack lunch included) 2:00 p.m. Pick up a spray paint can and make your mark! Become a graffitti artist and leave your art and become part of the sreet art scene in Barcelona! This workshop specializing in teaching the techniques most often used by today's street artists. Our workshop will be lead by an active street artist, who will provide each one of us with hands on demonstrations and a more in depth understanding of the street art movement. 

Techniques: Spray paint, stencils,stickers, installation, recycled/ found objects. 

Following our workshop we will head to El Raval for a street art walking tour. Together we venture down small streets and alley ways of the youthful El Raval neighborhood, and bring us up close to an array of small and large scale murals, all the while pointing out some of Barcelona’s newer and more contemporary art works found in the street. 7 p. m. Evening explore Christmas markets in Barcelona (included) and eat wonderful Catalon street food (not included)

Day 5, Dec. 13 Thursday 7 a.m. Breakfast (included). 9 a.m. lecture/seminar (morning coffee/snack included) 1:30 p.m. Group Lunch (included) 2:30 p.m. El Borne & Gothic street art walking tour. This Tour takes us in and out of the city’s streets and alleys of the various districts of this grand city. We will be informed about the emergence of the street art and graffiti movement in Barcelona, enjoying a truly authentic part of Barcelona. This tour showcases Barcelona’s historically rich neighborhood of El Borne and the Gothic Quarter highlighting many of the classical, earlier examples of Barcelona street art found all over its walls with some remaining for years, and some even decades.

Day 6, Dec. 14 Friday 7 a.m. Breakfast (included) 9 a.m. lecture/seminar (morning coffee/snack included) 1:30 p.m. Lunch and free time 6:00 p.m. group dinner (included).This is no ordinary group dinner! Paella Cooking Class. We will prepare paella, tapas and sangria during this fun and social activity The experience starts with a guided tour of Barcelona’s world-famous food market, La Boqueria. Here you will get to see the vibrant bazaar in action, with its colourful food stalls that sell wriggling fresh seafood, nuts, cheeses, fruits, conserves and every cut of meat known to man. Once you’ve bought all the ingredients you need it’s time to head back to the kitchen…  

Here in a modern cooking facility, it’s time to don your apron and get your hands dirty as your instructor gets you involved in the preparation process. As you prepare the paella, your bilingual native chef will explain the secrets of this historic dish, whose origins began not far from here in the wetlands surrounding Valencia.  

All this dicing and splicing is hungry (and thirsty) work, and so you’ll also be taught how to prepare some of Spain’s favourite tapas dishes, as well as how to mix a refreshing jug of sangria, making this a three-in-one culinary experience. And of course, once they are ready, you get to enjoy tasting all three.

Day 7, Dec. 15 Saturday 7 a.m. Breakfast. Departures

* optional wine tasting and walking in the footsteps of Salvador Dali tour for those who would like to stay on an extra day, e mail us at for more info and cost.  

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of program director.  

COST: pay in full save $200/ $3224.00 or payment plan $3224.00, reserve your space with $350

Includes: Seminars, lodging (shared rooms), all breakfasts, morning snack and coffee, two lunches, closing 'cava' party, two dinners, cultural tours (see itinerary).

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