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 Mystical Morocco
December 1-9 in Marakech: 19 ce credits
 Live a more magical, mystical and meaningful life
  Wellness, creativity and re- connecting to the vision of your life

Journey into Mystical Morocco  19 CE hours

Join us in mystical , magical Marakech Morocco for a journey you will never forget, integrating wellness and re-connecting to the vision of your life through unique modalities. Transform your life from the mundane to the sublime. You will discover and recreate your life vision to include insights and tap into your intuition from the unseen world of your unconscious. In this training, participants will experience the soul and the camera, the alchemy of cooking, astro-psychology under the stars and more! Therapeutic skills,  to incorporate into your personal and professional life to work with emotions and help clients and self to greater awareness.

You will learn to trust and access that intuitive world that we lose touch with in our fast paced everyday lives. Tap into your creativity, community and unconscious  accessing your archertypal images and symbols through dreams. You will access your intuitive world through creativity, community dialogue, play, work with archetypal images, creative writing exercises, astro-psychology, art, sculpture, painting, photogrtaphy and alchemical cooking.

Experience how these images relate to and inform your deeper understanding of yourself through energetic shifts, body signs + mystical messages from your deeper unsconsious and/or the universal messages of nature. Mystical Morocco as the backdrop provides participants from around the world a unique opportunity to come together and discuss getting back on the right life path, how to take care of oneself and avoid burnout and tap into our universal symbols and messages that we often ignore in our busy day to day routine.

A rare opportunity to spend the week  in  Marakech with like minded participants from around the world. Immerse in self care and recreate your vision of the best possible you. Being fully present in the world helps strengthen and improve relationships in our lives, counselling and psychotherapy.

This wonderful experiential journey will also take us on adventurous cultural excursions and group get togethers to further immerse you in the culture and life in Morocco.
The contents and procedures practiced can be applied in counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and  for self.

Procedure: presentations, discussions, small group work, self-reflection, exercises and of course self exploration in the beautiful and culturally rich  city of Marakech.
In addition we will explore unique aspects of the creative process that can shed light on the workings of the subconscious for use in the therapeutic and personal setting, including social dreaming. Self care and exploration exercises and experiences per below itinerary.

Creativity and art therapy exercises and explorations, expressing dreams and intentions on the page, using photography to identify archetypal dream images, symbols and themes, personal vision quest journey to explore a specific issue in your life and returning to our group to interpret the signs, symbols and messages you discovered along the way and to develop a conviction and intention about your path and how to move forward. Connecting with astrology and psychology.